Hymel Products, LLC

Hymel Products, LLC is a small family-run business based out of Luling, Louisiana. In case you don’t know where Luling is, it is about 20 miles southeast of New Orleans. Our business of gold and silver coins and bullion evolved out of the coin collecting hobby. Or more specifically, it’s just a hobby that got a little bigger!

The majority of coins we carry have most of their value from their weight in silver or gold, with only a little numismatic value mixed in. Because of this, our prices are very dependent on the spot price gold (GLD) and silver (SLV). What this means is when the market is on the rise are prices are typically very competitive. When the market is in a slump our prices aren’t as competitive. With that said we are always looking for good buys on silver and gold. The good deals we find on silver and gold are then passed on to you as well.

With that said be sure to check our site and pricing often, as it is often changing. Prices are constantly on the move because gold and silver market prices are constantly on the move.

The business of selling gold and silver products is extremely social. Many of our customers are life-long acquaintances, many of who do business with us by word of mouth. IF you are just discovering Hymel Products give us a chance to earn your trust.